Why Are We Starving Ourselves?

We have the most incredibly bad relationship with food.

It’s like we love it when we get the natural, unprocessed stuff steaming on our plates but can’t quite commit to making something every day – or every few days, or once a week.

We are starving ourselves. We’re not always giving the body the nutrients it deserves.

Going into extreme examples.. there was a time I lived with a flatmate when I was studying and he was in front of the computer all the time. And whether that was his personal choice, that’s another issue. But essentially he was in IT at uni and he was in it fully, he wanted to teach artificial intelligence, he wanted to become a professor. His mum spoiled her sons with favourite meals but never taught them what to do in the kitchen.

The fact is we had this conversation on just how much we forgot we were starving, distracting ourselves so much especially staring in front of the screen we forgot how hungry we were. By the time we realized, we essentially didn’t even eat the right stuff. It would be quick stuff. This is talking about people in their late twenties!

Quick easy food.

Another example, me even at work. At one point too stressed to even figure out what to eat. And that definitely hurt my chances of becoming a better professional. Then I got better – meal prepping, getting fruit, a salad, that filled me up.

I did a better job. Another example is when I remember my flatmates – whether they’re on screen or into high protein, high performance sport lifestyles, I also see they’re starving themselves.

I don’t know what it is about our generation, we’re just not taught to really sit down and cook. I mean, we do.

But not every day.

The state of the economy means once we’re out of school, we are busy working. Super busy. We are focused on managing our life survival. Going to work, doing whatever we have to. Pay the bills, weekends come and go – birthday parties, quality time with boyfriends and girlfriends, but at the same time so much that we buy goes to waste in the fridge…The public bins – restaurants.

Maybe I just came from a country that doesn’t like waste. Like, in schools it teaches you how not to waste food – so in some cultures it may be a shock to see a plate that’s not completely clean. Like, when you’re at a relative’s birthday and you can’t take in a certain food and the plate travels down for cleaning routines – someone will mutter under their breath, ‘who didn’t eat properly?’

Some of us buy preserved foods and lots of packaged goods. Stuff I try not to buy – unless I’m really running out of space and time. I need something to tide me over. Oreos Biscuits – an UpnGo breakfast, Smiths chips, Dorrito’s in dip.

But these things are preservatives, the body is screaming for nutritious things. It’s screaming for healthy things. Fresh vegetables, meats, pasta, none of the powder stuff that could be used as supplement and by some, as the meal itself.

This is why I guess people go to restaurants, because food is actually healthier there and prepared on the spot.

Have you ever had a garden salad with the trimmings, from your backyard? You’d be shocked at the natural deliciousness. Not like stuff in the fridge.

Whether its exotic, Italian or Asian, French or Japanese, your body gets the nutrient as opposed to boiling something at home. We are starving ourselves – we have no idea. By the time the food gets into the body and hits the bloodstream, its more like stuff that is essential, not we’re feeding ourselves but actually just surviving.

Our hearts, minds and bodies. So that takes me to the next question which is, beyond the fact that we are starving ourselves, it’s more: what are we doing to ourselves? This is just reflecting on the world at large.

I know this is not the only case of people not eating well, this is contributing to the health, poverty, welfare crisis, family crisis. And this is how we treat the world as well. I don’t get the feeling we’re doing a good job of that. I don’t feel, also, that we’re getting access to a much better world.

We’re just sitting in different mindsets.

There is also the cultural aspect which is where my former Peruvian flatmate told me about, girls in some societies feel pressure to look good and in such competitive cultures where a certain standard of female beauty is the norm – Ukraine – that they go on diets during the week and on weekends they eat like crazy. And this is funny in cultures where food is god – but, we prize ourselves on our food making skills. And we prize ourselves on looking good. Is there a trade off?

Are we going to focus on what we are eating so we can live better? I meal prep, what do you do?

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Photo: me at a work break, most probably on a weekend as I do a Krispy for a weekend treat.

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