The VIP Life: Comparing My Life to Irina Shayk

Is it easy to lead the intriguing life?
By that I mean, what looks like larger than life – exciting, adventurous, new and mysterious?

Something where not everyone knows whats going on (mystery, intrigue), where things get questioned (where did she fly off to? Why is that other hot dude after her? When did the family split, what happened to their house?) and where things look extraordinary (cheating on a family, flying around, elitist lifestyle, semi Gatsby-esque, Epoque Belle-esque ambience) controversial – or even downright astounding (you ended up in Switzerland!? How did you manage an insane Master and then a job? And don’t tell me you’re still single *wink*

These are just a few events that came into my life a few years ago – and the real life commentaries I have observed.
I don’t want to toot my own horn but I tend to compare my expressions and life events with some celebrities because at times I feel my life is a bit like that.

When you take the mystery out of your ‘public’ life, everyone knows what you’re up to – the intrigue dies down. I keep information mostly to a close few, those I trust, help and keep in confidence. Because the only way people can deliberately hurt you, for whatever reason, is because they have confidential information.

Remove that and they have no power to hurt you. However –

I recently saw a picture of Irina Shayk and Brad Cooper: he looks very happy and content with her and she looks relaxed. And I feel happy for her – it’s a ‘meant to be’ match. I saw the same look on my close relative when she remarried and I’m dearly hoping I’ll have the same look when I get my precious delivery … and easiest decision of my life.

A committed man that would never let me doubt him.

Because trying to be in a couple with a flamboyant weirdo that parties a lot and needs a statue of himself somewhere in the world to acknowledge his ‘magnificence’, can’t be easy or easily dignified. I’m talking about Ronaldo, but I also remember how my biological dad treated my mum. Not nice.

I was also looking at Britney Spears for a moment (blame the makeup stores and my need to be lost in the 90s again) and wondered at her breakdown, it may have been super necessary. Like Rowling admitted, you need to hit rock bottom before you can rebuild your life again.

But back to the picture of Irina – something about her face really hit me. It was real, it was relaxed. You can actually take joy in watching her. Gone are the days when she was putting up a fight as badass model and going out with the players of the spotlight. That stuff will in time, drain you. Especially if you’re a good person at heart and just want a family, traditional things.
There’s something about going out with a ‘larger than life’ character that makes me relate to celebrities like Irina.

I was never actually a fan of either celebrity (Christiano or Irina) but I can relate to their stories.

I questioned the poor model when I saw them together pre Brad times; whatever their reputations, she is a family-oriented typical Russian girl who works hard (I would also go do a catwalk while pregnant and intimidated people would call me crazy for that) but in the east, we call that work ethics.

There’s something in her eyes I can relate to, a very earnest person who is just being good at a job. Perhaps she went out with Christiano for a few to do a publicity stunt – good call, I guess. But that wore her out. It’s obvious. Cue in a rugged fella like Brad, and boom they’re having a kid.

The truth is, not sharing joy with your loved ones will impact badly on your personal life. Not accepting yourself for who you are will starts big inner fights. And life in public is a bit crazy. By that I mean, appearing larger than life. Doing things more for the crowd’s benefit than your own, at whatever cost to your own sanity. A lot of us are doing that more than others.
The good news is, it can be easier to filter the good friends from the friends that just want to have fun. Or rip you.

If you trust your intuition.

Is it easy to lead an intriguing, Very Interesting Person type of life?

Not really. You need the character that is made for it, if you want that your whole life. At some point you want to face the truth because life tragedies will suck the happiness out of you, time to time.

I will admit I spent a good portion of my 20s investigating my life. And because I’m in a time frame that’s rapidly changing in technology, the economy and other social and political events – I feel I can touch nerves and answer questions of deep confusion.

I have known people who seemed ‘larger than life’, pulling communities of people together and brought fun and joy. Not many actually knew about these people. The ‘larger than life’ characters didn’t open up to just anyone.

Attention? Yeah, they got it.
Intrigue? Maybe, because they’re super attractive and helping everyone and want ‘everyone to have fun’ – being a magnanimous host has its downsides too.
Excitement? You bet. All in the package of a ‘larger than life’ personality.

Some would argue that I have such a crazy life. Family and friends scattered; next move never known, international lifestyle. Plethora of wisdom, and players in the background.

What people don’t realize is that, in order to party there needs to be 2 of extremes.

1. You party because you want to distract yourself from a horrible condition of life ie. Scott Disick’s issues from the Kardashians, or one guy I knew who decided to party it up while jobless.

2. Because you have something awesome to celebrate. Maybe it’s a birthday, a promotion, an engagement – a new house, a baby. A religious holiday. Finishing a university degree.

Ultimately, you gotta disattach yourself from the crowd, social scripts and expectations – and actually realize what you want to do in life as an individual. Once I had a flippant conversation with a …date… (when did that happen? I’m still not over it) on the social expectations of having to marry.

He was all for it.
I was shocked but didn’t show it. The playgirl in me took cover.

— A super charming and handsome south European playboy gesticulating with his hands offering himself as future husband candidate? A little unreal. —


It is also a story of ‘the apple doesn’t land far from the tree’. I grew up with a womanizing dad and that was my comfort zone, my understanding of reality.

There was a whole community that was pro cheating and debauchery which amplified the troubles of one little domestic situation. I don’t have contact with them anymore.

I still work on myself about thinking that guys aren’t all cheaters, some do commit and love one woman for life and are inspired to have a family with her. It takes one or two great role models to kill doubts for a relaxed, committed relationship – in my experience 😊

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