5 Ways Sales Led Me To Have Better Conversations

These last couple of months in a public position of hooking in and making conversation with people of all types, made me question if sales experience is needed to have a good conversation.

What do you think?

I believe it’s not necessary BUT:

You do build a muscle for explorative questions and filtering out people’s intentions.

Although there is a script we use to get people to sign up for an awesome wine membership, more importantly I believe it gets you immune to judgements, slows you down to speak to people without firing information at them as basically all of us do, and allows for just enough reflection and affirmation to establish a rapport.

I thought I knew how to have a conversation.

Yeah, right. I like people but I also research for a hobby which means I might just end up as lecturer in later life.

I thought I knew stuff because I was in communications (like PR) Also, not quite. I dealt with vast types of documents – from press releases, internal newsletters to survey creations. And I spoke with people across departments (apparently a very special thing to do because in the old company, everyone stuck to their teams) but this was a whole other ballgame.

I thought I liked working with people and talking,

It really got me thinking.

Sales experience is not really necessary, but it helps to slow down and reflect on each other more than talking at each other.

Easier to be playful because wine is not about being serious too much Bigger world than you out there – a map of winery locations, suppliers and overseas wine enthusiasts will make you feel tiny in comparison to all their knowledge

Purpose is so important people will buy a good human story … and that’s basically what you’re carrying. Isn’t that the point of TMZ, Perez Hilton, social media and gossip?

Physical cues are important, guiding people through a sales funnel is more than just all talk and tone and mirroring Summarizing is powerful because that’s listening and making a point How much of yourself do you own : when a client makes a demand Power: the script is a muscle, the more you use it the more you’re ahead of everyone. Control of conversation

Instead of telling, you ask and sell so you’re leading people into a literal funnel

In a nutshell, it is about
Having an open and abundant mindset
Energy and confidence
See the world through unlimited money potential

Mirroring and affirmation. Although these are seen as ‘tactics’ when done deliberately and therefore gain a negative reputation, I reckon they’re not used nearly enough. People want to be heard. And the minute you like someone, you do mirror them. Not a magic trick, just a natural occurrence when two alike minds meet!

Whatcha guys think? Does this make sense?
If not, you should PM me and let me know if I should explain more on YouTube –
Looking forward to comments.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways Sales Led Me To Have Better Conversations

  1. I’m pleased to see you alluding to how sales and PR focus on different aspects of (business) communication, and their interplay in (casual) conversation but, most importantly, how they all rely on rapport to be effective.

    Keep the interesting blogs rolling in 🙂


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