Prince Harry Got Hitched And It’s All About Dat ‘Interracial Couple’

You could be living like a hermit and still know every detail of what happened at Prince Harry’s wedding thanks to social media.

That would be me, just returning home from some training at work and in bliss about getting my first sale in a month and a half.

Instagram was flowing, breaking news was cracking – people everywhere wanted to talk about it. Facebook was full of contrasting outrage that a tv star got to marry a prince and yet there were starving people on the streets.

Then the controversial issue of a black American marrying into the royal family. This really exasperated me as I’m a history fan and I know there’s already been a prince in the British royal family who abdicated the throne and married an American actress pre world war 2.

It was a 30 million dollar wedding and all eyes on a ‘pair that’s in love, a modern coupling’. A little respite from an average weekend chilling, working, eating, meeting up with friends.

Although I admit Prince Harry looked handsome and Princess Meghan got my attention with the non-traditional stuff.

The Givenchy dress – the prince – the preacher – the reaction from the queen, prince William’s kids –
My girlfriend and I called on the media for its saucy portrayal of Meghan – biracial etc, African American, you name it – something dirty that’s not for the royal family. How’s that even acceptable to note since Princess Diana, Camilla and Prince Charles crazy affair?

I retorted, she is a mix just like any other human on the planet. Black or white skinned (this label on its own is horrendous, clearly she got the other part of the European genes compared to her mother).

But Russian royalty was never Russian. British royalty was actually German.
Latinos have been mixed between indigenous genes, European, Indian and African. EuroAsians such as my flatmate are mixes of Chinese with Dutch, then there’s Japanese mixes with English, Australian or gasp! Canadian.

In my view, it’s about time the royal family reflected the reality. UK is the biggest mix of Africans, middle eastern and Indian faces – while Europe has plenty of Turks, Iranians, Slavs and Arabs.

Get with the program, people.

But it’s easier to digest an African American marrying a pure white English prince and defying just about every protocol while she does it. An ‘outsider’ which is why the story catches people’s attention, nerves and basically distracts you from the bigger daily problems. We chuckled over the fact that she’s also a leo. I said, oh yeah I can feel her stirring all kinds of waters in the next few years.

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One thought on “Prince Harry Got Hitched And It’s All About Dat ‘Interracial Couple’

  1. As much as I abhor the whole concept of ‘royalty’ (right to rule based purely on which DNA you tangled – or tangoed – with), I’d say the House Of Windsor-Saxe-Coburg-Gotha are WELL with the programme, albeit reluctantly.

    ‘Outside blood’ can only be a positive thing for their continuance, by helping reset and strengthen the long-standing inbreeding genetic quagmire…

    Harry is a classic example, from a questionable paternal DNA perspective… 😉

    OMG. Me too! 😀


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