Why Long Distance Is No Drama For Me

At work in the airport I get all kinds of questions before I go to run the show:

Do you have a partner? Are you married?

I say, yeah I have a long distance thing.
They say ‘oh eee those are hard.’

My reply now? It’s aright. My whole life has been like that.
Family and friends scattered, you live the best you can. And then you do visits overseas.

It’s a normality you figure out how to deal with.
I’ve scoured many sites and had a few chats regarding long distance love, now that my heart strings are divided between continents. Like, properly divided. Friends and family from Europe to Switzerland, eastern Europe to Australia and Latin America.

We get around.

And now an unusual situation in the heart of Switzerland that’s caught me by surprise.
And it just occurred to me after reading about ‘test of commitment’ that distance in the end means nothing when it comes to pure intentions and genuinely missing people. It means the relationship will not die out, it just needs future planning.

Distance is another measure – like a number, statistic or carat of gold.

The other side of the equation for me is that although it’s the first time I’m separated from family by distance more than a few months now, it wouldn’t be the first time overall. You choose your family when you don’t have a proper one at home.

Invite your housemates to a birthday party, reconnect with childhood mates and high school friends; introduce yourself to those you like at work and start catch ups all around. Make sure you keep the tone light and friendly and importantly, enjoy the moment.

Now why would I bring up a love life over long distance, being without a question. It naturally happens when you grow a network of friends and a certain love interest that will not stop persisting for the girl he misses since parting ways a year ago.

Long distance is not a huge drama in my life, as stated, I grew up with it. You tend to see the whole world differently when your boyfriend isn’t 500 meters away, your family 2 kilometers away – or the childhood park is 10 kilometers away.

How does that influence my relationships?
Trust. Communication means a great deal more – constant news is essential. Sending kisses and hugs is basically a lifeline. I’m a small town Aussie girl living a huge international life on her phone.

Also, any big post causes big impact. I can play around with jewellery and freak my friends out that they think I’m engaged; travelling anywhere overseas makes my friends ask what’s happening – and my family ask, what isn’t happening. A call with my closest cousin will reveal some more cool stuff we have in common.

Video chats start to have more meaning. As much meaning as ‘I really want to see your face and talk as if you’re right here’. None of that 2D texting business.

So that’s what it comes down to – being OK with living off your phone temporarily, looking forward to essays and voice clips from loved ones – video calls with an old date and pictures of places, food and drink.

It just makes the meet ups all the more sweeter if you don’t give up on them. And in my point of view, your spirituality heightens because you start to see and feel deeper meanings.

Or maybe that’s just me, a spiritual kid 😉

Thanks for reading!
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I was a bit sick today so the post was a bit more spontaneous – until next week!

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