YouTube Ads Are Hilarious #notwhatyouthink

They talk about innovation. They say they get the way the internet works. It’s all about being fast paced, breaking things and being “number one”.

I call bulldust on it all. You know how? YouTube ads. They thought they were soooo smart. Quick, while we have peoples attention and they’re glued to the screen, you’ll get a brand awareness ad ! OMG think of the exposure !

YouTube goes: cha ching!! You wana bathe in some money tonight, boys?
The audience: “w…t….f…. why cant I watch my clip in peace?’
My gen in general with total control and flow of information 24/7: “you wana brainwash me now??? That’s 30 seconds of my life I’m never gona get back.”

……. and that’s for poorly done ads.
I duno about you guys but I’m usually cringing at the 5 second weird flashes of pics and vids. And if its a well done ad, I have to catch myself from clicking the title before the ad is over. Like, focuuuusssss you want the damn clip not what you’ve just been sold”. Yeah, self discipline, a rarity these days.

Its not democratic media, its not egalitarian. The business model put tv ad mindset into YouTube. Pretty sure they’re regretting it now because to save face they offer YouTube red. … that doesn’t sound right because there’s a redtube that’s basically YouTube for porn.

I am laughing because it is greed and breaking a promise. Its a new business model letting an old model through, at the expense of a different audience in a new age of tech.

Its acting like the old TV when in reality we have so many buttons to use – control – share – modify, that YouTube ads look like we are in 2020 but stuck in 1980. On speed.
At least with Instagram you can scroll right by the ad: on YouTube its “beep! Your time is up,” please watch this boring thing.

What do companies want? Your attention.
What are companies not getting? Retention.

Woops. Didn’t think that one through, did you guys?
*whole boardroom gets up and runs out the door*

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— and stay tuned for an upcoming YouTube clip intro ! So nervous… so excited!



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