No One Likes Calling

No one likes calling.

No one. Even me. And you know why? I don’t want to be seen ‘full on’ socially if I message someone twice and then call.

People panic!

You need to have a close relationship before making a call. You ask for permission to call via text, that’s the new protocol as I understand it.

The people that do call? They were raised in a time when calling was normal. This texting business had not hit their social sphere yet. And they don’t understand the younger generation because THEY have a different environment, different norms and issues.

What is it about the spontaneity of calling that the young’uns ignore like the plague? And I mean everyone. From the badasses to the players to teachers to scientists and biologists.

And do you know who DOES like calling?
That would be project managers, top bosses, people who have no time for messaging BS. The Personal Assistants who have no time for errors and are in charge of setting up important appointments for bosses. I used to do that. I had more respect for those who just found my number and called me up. I felt they were less timid, wanted to get the job done and knew what to do.

There’s a kind of competence and frightening genius, almost a confidence, associated with the people who actually lift a finger and call.

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