You’re All Blind Bastards #intimacy

You’re all blind bastards

Earphones in

Screen time needing professional help
People earning real money for giving hugs (Adelaide news chick who sells hugs)

People aren’t even walking the streets with their eyes in front. One boy at a bus stop missed our bus down the road because he was so glued to the screen he couldn’t hail the bus driver in time.

Older generation belittling the young ‘uns and being worse than kids when it comes to technology –

Suicides and homicides and violence and racism on the increase

Really, progress, AI saving humanity? Where the bloody hell do you numbskulls get off?

I got 20 instant likes on Instagram for a full body shot and that scares me because I’m not 16 with heaps of body issues but I know kids with that exact criteria – who are in danger.

20 000 social media applications confusing us every day: no filter for actual information as one marketing director advised during my thesis interview

Texting grandma pops up on skype but the bulletin for Demi Lovato overdosing (AGAIN!?) is flashing brighter

We have intimacy issues !!!!!

And you guys know that deep down.

A few times I had a dude grab my butt on the dance floor and yet two years later I’m battling with myself to tell him about my life so he can prove useful later (a 7 Minute WhatsApp clip). So, I’m actually no better than you guys, but I’m trying.

Because I will not consider the opposite: staying alone and not taking shots on what could be awesome in the long run.

When the game is over, you and I have no clue until it’s reported.(suicides time mag) We don’t want to admit our weaknesses and illnesses unless there’s a professional in the room.

Really, a professional? Has it come to that point? Some communities have strength, with acceptance and help in spades. My salsa guys have that – my family has that. They jump to help. Maybe not with mental stuff, it’s not valid in their world.
But it is in ours!

And yet, here’s the tragedy: hiding isn’t the real option. It’s the worst for people with ‘strong self image’ because…. Where do you safely talk your natural, human fears? You need to cultivate an awesome friendship circle.
Some people can’t decide to get into that unless they do their self-help aisle a nice walk (this was jim carrey’s thing by the way). It starts with the decision to feel better and get better… a personal thing, by all means but worth doing once you set that cracker up. 



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