Calm Down? Maybe A Massage Voucher Would Be More Effective #passionatechicks

Something came to me recently – a 2 and 2 put together. I spoke to a gorgeous Indian journalist and as always, supporting a wonderfully nurturing lady from the Sydney hills who was getting ready (and getting her hopes up for the 10th time) for a Sunday afternoon date.

And I felt like I needed to say this.

So much fuss around ‘empowered’ women who are simply claiming power over their lives FINALLY – and around insecure men who are grabbing at white male privilege and trying to suppress the ‘empowered’ women to make themselves feel good.

I wouldn’t say they’re everywhere – but I would say there’s enough of them causing a little gender fight in places.

So my point is this –
Passion is attractive. Applying knowledge is beautiful. A smart housewife… businesswoman – ANY woman is a huge asset. And the insecure men will bombard our beautiful, passionate women with insults the moment they’re rejected (and not every man approves of this, I noted).
These are the men we should be educating and empowering to become real men.

What’s a real man? The type that has forever encouraged his women, given space and respect and comfort.

I ain’t making anything up.
I am however, telling our insecure men who send dick pics and other trash in hopes of getting female adoration, attention, ultimately some action – to get a good, sensible role model and firstly – apologize to their female victims. And then grow into their manhood.

Yep, I said victims. Men ‘hunt’, ‘process’ and then ‘manipulate’ so that it looks like the woman is to blame for their actions. – No matter how good looking, women are not to be blamed. Ever.

Now before I get enemies who’ll pelt me with their dick pics (I’ve had them before guys, so don’t think I’m going to be shocked) I’m a big believer in balance, moderation and equality.

Maybe I don’t lead my life that way at the moment – it takes time to realize and change a life of extremities especially when you suppress your true self for a while – but I am changing it around.

Communication, honesty, tolerance only for some things. Post: selfcare.
Making goals clear and known because you ain’t just self sufficient, you need support.

Somethings I noticed AND questioned about passion  – it is very attractive, it’s the reason guys tease and annoy girls. To get fire and sparks.

Attraction, desire is the name of the game for them.

Passion is what you care about. If any dingbat tries to suppress that – it’s discomfort. Once you know who’s comfortable around you when you’re being you, that’s your crowd.

Don’t you care about the rest. They’re in need of growth and appreciation – and some proactivity. Because the guys who don’t do the job well – ie, being stable, comfortable and assertive, are being lazy and boyish. I didn’t tell you this, a guy from one salsa night who led well, told me this.

Passion is also separating the things you should and shouldn’t care about. Post: my review on the subtle art of not giving a f-k.

You know that thing where a male intensely pursues something? Work, a woman, raising his kids – building something? It grows respect and good self-image. And it shows someone’s priorities.

So, passion is care and care is attractive. You respect and get awe from caring passionately about something. There’s also intelligence in there. Lazy bums and idiots are by definition careless.

So ladies, turn up the heat and filter out who you should include in your circles! You are the average in your crowd AND you deserve to shine. People are waiting for you out there.
Gentlemen, get your acts together – get off pornsites and remember being a respectable man is VERY attractive. Go read a book and start questioning the world.

Insulting and demeaning a strong confident woman who is telling you you’re crap at something shows a smaller manhood than your picture’s angle shows. It’s a small mind that refuses to grow up and support a woman – because you’re incapable of that with your present state of mind. Insulting also shows a crazy type of insecurity and a poor, basic mind.

Saying things like you’re an ugly slut who’s unwanted – a bomb of about 3 undesirable things for women who are already under pressure to conceive, look desirable and find one guy who doesn’t disgust them – deserves a huge slap.

Who the hell let the boys out with such bad manners? I would love to see the lifestyle they lead. Not sure if I’ll be shocked because I’ve been exposed to two guys living the aussie bachelor lifestyle at a dime.

Some people need some Jesus in their life – because they need to apologize to women online and offline. And get some morals.

Let me know your thoughts because maybe I forgot something …


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