To Purple Or Not To Purple: My Affection For The Controversial Lipstick

One of my girlfriends looked smoking in one picture and I asked what she used on her face: smearing black eyeshadow on her eyes was her answer. She is a gorgeous Australian Indian!

Another girlfriend met me for a sweet catch up in the city center and I was taken back by the work she’d done on herself. No, no boob jobs or nose jobs. A simple hair cut, colour and flattering nude tone makeup and I’m seeing a beautiful, downplayed goddess in front of me. Normally people stare at me – this time I was staring at her and made sure she knew it.
She giggled.

Likewise, I went on a trip with my parents to Colmar and put on my signature deep blue maxi dress: with it, pink lipstick wouldn’t suffice. I wanted darker and bolder; I put on my favourite purple lipstick. It just satisfies me at the right times.
Mum marvels at my awesome juicy lips in the sun:

“I thought it would come out black?”
Me: ‘depends on the shade and application.’

I wrote before on womens bodies and nude makeup. And something in that beauty, self expression category has been bugging me on a topic I have affection for – purple lipstick.

Oh, the shades. The colours. The regality. The femininity. The expression.

I can tell you exactly when it hit me that purple would be the only colour that would satisfy; one fine night in November 2016 I had finished running around doing a social project at university, feeling incredibly boss. Not because I was just running around doing the work of 5 people but because between the insights I got, the competency I felt and the time management I had to use – it just worked out that I wanted something bold, majestic, kick ass and powerful – a statement. Something badass. Something with a bad girl vibe because I was sure as hell not going with status quo at that point.
(and universities love freely assisting with new projects, I was pleasantly surprised)

I didn’t have any remotely purple lipstick around but I vowed to find a good tone at the shops in my spare time… and had to opt for a normal red lipstick.

So that night I went in my black dress, feeling fairly goddess-like and sexy with my outifit and accessories – and left to meet friends at a place called Villa Ciani – it must have been a Thursday because that’s when usually, we had a free aperitif (Italian finger food) and drinks and club music.
Oh those were the days.

I went in, saw my friends, had a nibble and some chats, did a couple of walks around the food table as the music turned up and something interesting happened.
The crowd in front of me opened up and a certain stranger in a large white shirt turned around slowly as I said his name out loud in surprise (with the loud music only I could hear it).
He saw me and had a moment of realization as well.

Long story short the stranger declares he misses me which is cute, because he was home in Spain for exactly a week – don’t ask me why. And I take his hand and walk us to the music stage. To this day I’ll never forget how that big man just trailed after me. Holding hands, we are still one spicy unit. He has been my muse and topic of conversation – whether good or bad, for months.

—- moving along:
Next few days I’m on a mission to find a purple lip shade that satisfies me. Apparently it’s not an easy job, but I’m determined.

How dark – or light do I want it,
Do I want a lipgloss with it, do I want matte or shine –

Do I want 3D lipcolour or just one blob smeared? I find 3 in total that I like, experimenting with the pink, brown and dark purple until I hit the sweet spot.

To my shock I find out with my features that I can use statement lipstick with blue eyeshadow – just because of the green eyes.

With the demonstration on the makeup artists’ palm, as he drew golden green eyes below blue shadow I said hello to my new inner kick ass goddess, something fantastic made real.

On that note I will say: I heavily respect and admire an artistic person that tries to express themselves through unique makeup. It’s kind of what it’s there for. It’s fashion, expression.

I also value people that know what they want. Why’s that?
Because of conviction. You could be wearing something stupid or deadly and the confidence would make ANYONE look past that.
The bone that I pick with people who want to be more sexy, adventurous, or totally unsure with what will look good – is that it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

So many people don’t get this because of mainstream culture and the consumer lifestyle –


I have looked up the colour purple some time ago because I realized something about it is very on the fence.
Meaning, it’s a combination of things and just like the stranger guy who squeezed out of every label I tried to give him for the purpose of keeping my sanity – it’s got a bit of magic to it.

Purple is blue and red put together. Blue is a cool, regal colour. Red is a firey, passionate tone that over the centuries, changed between female and male symbolism. Depending on how much of each colour blends in, you get different varieties of the thing.

It is regal, symbolic of royalty and divine power, both heavenly and other-worldly. Paired with gold, it has a lot of oomph factor. Paired with black, it looks ominous. Like a purple eye when someone hits you in the face.

In comparison to Orange: way too bright, too cheerful, too much pop
Nude: nude is nude – it’s not a statement, its discrete colour is its magic but purple is the real thing
Red: too much red – passion and sexiness. Purple is darker and majestic, kick ass.
Pink: too cute and innocent, close to orange and nude. There’s no statement with that one.

Purple: controversial because boys KNOW it means ‘watch your back’ and that’s not the usual sexy vibe a hot chick goes for. But paired well and with confidence it can be juicy, sexy, lush and powerful.


Dark CAN satisfy, it depends on your mood and the moment. What surprised me was how you can work the purple into your life – skin tone, clothes, accessories, eye makeup.
We are so busy trying to focus on all the little details on our faces and accessories, that we forget one item can change EVERYTHING (or scare us because I, for one, despite my glamour, am a low key, low maintenance chick who appreciates mileage).

And this is a great thing because if you have one great staple – like a nice white shirt, it can work with ANYTHING.

In the same way, a good pair of flats – almost everything. And just like that, if you can work purple lipstick in there, you leave everything else minimal.

Bold statements don’t have to be lots of work. Take it from me.

If you walk away from this post keen on experimenting with colours – I would be super happy. Let me know what you find!

email me at xx

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