How To Know You’re A Socialite #thatshot #imjoking #pleasereadthis

So how to know if you’re a socialite – based on my own reflections and feedback.

Your friends happily admit it

Something about you catches most peoples attention

You are mostly a fun person with a lot going on

Its not unusual to get intense hit-ons from males and….. occasionally, females. God bless ’em.

You’re nothing but positive around people and the charm is A grade.

Joining a bunch of cool looking networks is no problem at all and looks exciting – insightful – and good for morale

There’s no such thing as ‘too many people’

Gathering a crowd in a month or 2 is no problem at all

You plan parties a month or a few months in advance – I mean, less stress that way.

You cant live without the phone and wifi (sounds basic but some of us dont bother with a sim card when we’re in a country for less than a month)

You look adoringly at your party outfits (!)

Sometimes you go to luxury stores just because. A. Pick me up, B. You’re bloody fabulous and C. You need to get away from boring working class reality

You take food&bev seriously
(I seriously took it as an affront when my first bro told me to pour pinot grigio into his beer glass – mate, I could smell the wheat from 30 cms away – he promptly got a white wine glass with a cheeky grin)

You’re very welcoming

Talking across 4 or 5 apps is no problem (Instagram, facebook, skype, whatsapp)

You speak to people others are surprised by – open mind, you live for characters

Presence and style – and no compromising on either. Maybe.

You will joke all day because life without comedy aint worth living

You tease people to get a reaction and because the reaction tells you everything

From the web, a socialite is : a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment.
A socially prominent person. –>

….Well, my face is recognizable no matter where I go. (Especially in eastern places) People like coming up to me for a chat. I am very proactive with making things happen when I want to. I also seem to intimidate some people – well, can’t hide awesomeness.

I have this belief that I’m not the crazy Paris Hilton of my group – I’m the pretty outgoing chick that senses a good character and puts intelligence into a party. Never have I ever had a bad party – basing decisions on good character, morals and intelligence people usually ask for more outings. *le sigh.

This gem came from mum:
When you plan an outing with people AND ENJOY IT – not many people do.

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