How To Look Cool On Happy Hour: The Guide For Young Professionals #professional #howto #hangover3

A cheat sheet for people who want to relax and look good and drink to do the job – for 5 mins or 1 hr.

Cocktails on the go:

In my ‘younger’ days, I was known to continuously have drinks in my pictures. This wasn’t always my fault and what I call terrible timing; for someone who fidgets a lot and CAN get nervous around new people – because I’m sorry but although I enjoy socializing, making conversation around people and testing the atmosphere, can be labour.
I also have long arms and the drink ‘object’ can be a great target of release. Also, social lubricant.

So being pro-drinks as I’ve mentioned in my socialite post – I decided to give my wonderfully international, expert advice on what to drink, when.

And give some hangover advice. It’s ridiculously simple. 😉
Here’s the pyramid starting from the most hardcore!

Cocktails – you might want to take at least 20-30 mins for a well-made cocktail. These deserve to be savoured. Hint: robe, slippers, this is true leisure drink. I mean you could take it like a shot but the sophisticated mix and presentation seems to be lost on our sweet ‘shot drinkers’.

Liquor: a shot or two, as stated with the beers, can be excellent to take after a rough day. I once took 8 shots of whiskey on the end of an insanely cruel work month and half of that came out of me when I was halfway home on the train. It was worth it.

Mixed drinks: vodka and lemonade, vodka and tonic or anything with only two ingredients with a shot of alcohol in my opinion, is safe to take. And by safe to take, I mean in a setting where you have 5-10 minutes to drink, it is delicious and does the short job of relaxing you.

Beers – where I work right now, beers are easy to drink. They come from the tap, you can order a couple of light beers in small glasses and it will be safe to feel loose and relaxed without being ‘drunken’ **

Taking some advice from my suave, grounded and chill stepdad I noticed it can benefit you to mingle in the work group with the same drink everyone else is having. At least, at first while everyone is sober.

** Drunken : drunk: pissed, the state you want to avoid.
Personally speaking I like having self-control in professional settings, whether to socialize with my colleagues and boss or negotiate a deal.

Now as to hangover advice, it’s thus:
Hangovers happen when not only you drink too much alcohol for the system to process effectively in time, but it also means your body is dehydrated. Since I started working at 18 in retail, I knew that I had to drink 1 glass of water for every 1 glass of drink I had. Or at least 2 glasses in the start and 1 glass in the end. For someone lightweight like me, after a few glasses, this technique works.

To conclude, you can become social jiu-jiutsu master with your drinks and pretty knowledgeable if you know a couple of wineries – some facts about shots, perhaps a beer brewery and some liquor knowledge.

It’s a life journey and I am totally pro education here. Once upon a time before we had clean water, our ancestors had tea – mulled wine, beer and other things for breakfast. It’s natural to let go and live a little!



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