How to Be Boss: A Recount of Differences #differences #lifestyle #bossmoves

I spent about two afternoons and evenings with one lady who owns a construction company. She built it out of love – twice.

You know that saying and I think I have two –
If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong place
The quickest way to get what you want is to be around those who already have it.

I had something in common with this chick – ideas that challenge status quo, delivering value, ability to talk to people and coordinate things. And plenty of vision and desires. We had heaps to talk about.

There is, as many have put it, too much emphasis on numbers and not enough on people and relationships. And that’s where the real value begins – whether its in thousands, hundreds or millions.

I have spoken to at least a couple of bosses and noticed a few elements that differentiates them most.

Media gives an extreme picture of wealth -flaunting but in reality millionaires just have a ton more options for their lifestyles and living.

For example – shopping at cotton on, sheike and at Louboutin, if the mood fits.
Spa treatments, flights, hell they can do whatever with their money but they absolutely can’t just disappear off everyone’s radar.


Crazy willpower – more than the average person who is content with status quo and generally accepting of situations.

Want to do more

Don’t see themselves rich

Signature style – how they present themselves

No real magic, just vision and ability to afford better things

They answer to a lot of people, status of movements – news – public image

Stalkers are a thing. And law cases are even bigger depending on the size of the injury.

They are strategic. Resource is the name of the game and they are fully aware of the hours in a day.

They don’t mope unless it is because they failed as a human somewhere – or they are trying to get over an ex and its harder than putting a product together (I’m smiling as I write this).

What their decision is at the end of the day, is theirs.
I somehow assumed that they build to sell – but that is not always the case.

Egos are a danger of perception of what they can do, and it is very real and human. Fortunately I have met bosses in low – medium ego range.

Some have, as I noticed, the worst love lives **– from partners who cheat and drain energy, get jealous and possessive – to networking, political moves and the worst idea of what love is – or none.

Self-worth and understanding of love – see above.
This gets convoluted with status, wealth and networks. Also points to how much respect you demand from the other person. Sometimes its zero. Because you have no idea how to ask for it or if you should have any.

Terrible friendship groups – hardcore helpers but when it comes to helping themselves and receiving gifts … there might be some blockage.

Willpower – push – question – challenge = boss behaviour

They don’t switch off and get so used to coordinating people and commanding things that they don’t really chill out on the couch. … like ‘normal’ people.

There is a real danger of being used by them even if they take care of you – uber you home, make appointments to chat, share lunch etc.

Silent periods are a thing for them even if they are a thousand times apologetic.

There is, bottom line, too much halo effect on millionaires. They just do tons more work and coordinate more – they are still people just with enough resource to give value to the world and change it.

Hence there is more power, experience and influence.

But with that package there is a bigger trade off.
The older bosses feel trade offs – time, money, friends – more acutely since established communities are key to health.

Another thing, bosses are quick to take initiative – action – and have enormous willpower to overcome anything on their path. They like to take care of things because they know they can.
This makes them boss. This makes them powerful. And probably, to my mind, the only real thing that sets them apart.

One other guy who deeply believes in the side hustle – as do I – mentioned in regards to love life, being so independent and free that it does not matter what type of baggage the Significant Other brings into your world. Because he already has that covered – support, companionship, nice but not necessary.

And his ultimate logic is, people do not really understand how to give altruistically.
This, I guess, is left to the older generation – grandma and grandpa who nurture their family unit.

How do I know? Well, my friends always talk about the hierarchy of role modelling. It always falls on the most giving person in the family.

Bottom line is, bosses aim for total freedom. And they have a vision for how to get there.

**worst love lives: unpredictable, unstable and unproductive relationships that teach what not to do.  

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