Compliments: Will You Receive My Affection? #nicknames #kisses #hugs

It’s 7pm. I’ve done my chats with my friends… I go online and search up stupid things to do with the opposite sex.
I don’t want a chat. I just want some nice atmosphere with affection and of course I stumble on the rhetoric of compliments.

You know what the hardest thing has been for me to accept about them?
That someone might like you because they’re giving you a compliment. Like, a guy that you’re not taking seriously until you remain in contact despite oceans or mountains between you.
No manipulation. Just straightforward passion and feeling.

And yet, that’s exactly what compliments are about. I like you, I’ll give you a compliment which is about attention and affection and ultimately, made to make you feel good.
And it’s not just about the compliment: affectionate nicknames do the same thing. It’s about the bond.

‘Thanks darling’ ‘OK sweetie’ ‘Hey hun’ ‘Love youuuuuu.’

There’s loads of searches – and I don’t blame the users as I am one myself albeit for kicks now.

Entries on what does this and this mean (just like in one of my popular searches for cheek kisses and expectations).  We are examining ourselves from the outside even though we would like to believe someone likes us – but we are too scared to receive and believe.

I’m bloody sure you have some scenarios in your head of when you had this as well.

I have hard working women telling me ‘oh if only’ ‘oh I wish’ when I send them the exact same look of a girl from somewhere like Instagram. Clearly they don’t see a goddess in front of them like I do.
Guys on the other hand, lap it all up. In fact my last guy was competing with this wonderful Joe Manganiello picture, wet with a white shirt from the beach. And his response was – ‘please let’s not discuss this because we know I’m sexier lmfao.’

If a woman said such a thing – and I sometimes do, because that’s what happens when you live with boys – with exception of the fashion world, everyone would lift their eyebrows.

Back to my point. Compliments are affection. That’s it. That’s the story. simple.
But we try to find motives under that – hence the search into meanings.

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