Life Coaching And Happy Conclusions #lifeistooshort #doyou

I just had a real fascinating time with coaching several people in stages of life crisis – relationships – and self development.

At the risk of sounding like a preacher woman, I have come to these conclusions:

Life experiences are sent down to us.
It is our job to find out learning points to all experiences we get and move forward with them.
The most beautiful thing we have on this earth is sharing things with people.

The more we celebrate life the happier we are.
Never miss a moment to tell your loved ones what they mean to you.
You are always your own worst enemy.
Use vision boards to your hearts content.

Either you see problems or you see solutions in your life
Taking accountability in your life causes positive ripples in the community (guys please take note).
Honesty is love.

Truth is terrible but liberating. If you have a relationship which encourages honesty then that is worth gold, you have made it.
You can only control you. And that is actually enough.
To really live life properly you need faith.

Boundaries and communication are not what you think they are. For clarification seek a professional.
Depression is something I feel keenly hopeless about as it is a personal individual choice to fight it. Seek professional help, you are not weak.
Anxiety is something I sympathize with as it is something a lot of us live with.
Harmonious surroundings are highly underrated.

And to anyone contemplating life coaching – its awesome work if you like working with people and helping them improve their lives.
To those seeking a life coach, remember its all about you so if you haven’t found one you like and feel comfortable with, move onto the next.

Also, I’m contactable on instagram for more questions.

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