Saving Fcuks: The Anna Edition #savingfcuks #lifehack #priorities

I feel like we have lost the plot with all the modern f words. But that’s just my personal opinion.
The subtle art of giving a fcuk
Saving your fcuks for special things

We are being so sarcastic about the need to care about something because of high risk and low reward – that I believe we landed into sarcasm soup. Meaning, we don’t know what we are talking about any more.

My version of this agenda is this: if we don’t care about something or stopped caring about something, then priorities need to change. And mockery isn’t it.

There’s something about personal boundaries and purpose that gives insight about the saving a fcuk definition. We are made to care. But we also need self-preservation. And I noticed that in between the lines, we use priorities as to what we can care about and attend to.

Life is about serving a purpose… and then caring enough about that purpose to be great at it and get joy out of it. Life is actually too short to be miserable and anyone’s job is to move and figure out their spot of happiness… and stick to it.

That is, saving fcuks: the anna edition

Now this doesn’t mean that in order to be happy you’re going to always be comfortable or not in a frustration. These are states of mind, easily changeable. But if you can get to that point where you would be honoured to do something, then you struck gold. And all the discomfort was just part of the journey.

Namaste. For more info I’m on IG @vibrantlife_withanna

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