Winter In Switzerland With Friends #somethingjusthappened #imightbegettingold #travels

As a signature move, I always take experiences into a lesson and put positivity on anything negative. Hence I normally reflect on my trips, my long distance relationships and how changes affect me.
I don’t like to winge, only summarize key lessons and highlights. This is something that my friends admire and take note from.

So the fact that I had been on the longest flight of my life, found myself plotting a new life and realized it had been 4 weeks and I had not done all my catch ups yet, made me panic for a few minutes.

I had changed.

I chose to be with family for the last months of the year. Which also meant changing a few things around and choosing a second winter of the year. I am a spring/summer girl. I chose to invest in a swisspass because the normal train ticket prices made me gag; transport schedules are a love hate thing for me. I chose to redo my old mid 20s wardrobe which meant a full week non-stop shopping. Being around my parents also meant I had to change around and add stuff to my diet.

The first week was nothing but jetlag and I realized it was not the usual kind – extra TLC was needed because it was such a long flight and the system needed more rest, as my wise grandma pointed out over the phone. At least 5 catch ups had to be postponed as I either didn’t want to rush, nap through or create a conflict with family priorities.

I am also a fan of resolutions and fix ups. Especially if I can contribute to some heavier family decisions. And boy there were a lot of those this year. But I found one complicated mess from discussion day one and this was frustrating. And draining. This pertains to my post about dealing with death.

I actually clicked on a link in regards to ways of mourning. It helped to visualize my grandpa being right there and being able to chat to him on any topic I wanted. I used the shower, water sounds and my bedroom as my own privacy chamber. It has really helped me to have space away from everyone and just let it all out.

I did not want to rush, be uncomfortable or be in conflict with anyone.
Then I had a feeling I timed my trip right: going from 25 degrees in Sydney to 5 degrees in Zurich was not the reality at first. Happily, I got plenty of 20 degrees in my village before the temperature plummeted and I discovered some changes making my way from a girl’s weekend in Geneva. These are the feisty changes of October- November seasons.

That cold temperature, completely different to the winter in Sydney that I had witnessed, is what paused me in my trips to late night meetings.

You see normally people head up for a quick holiday, sightsee or brief visit to see family. This actual country has been an investment of a few years of my life – studying, working, holidaying. Which meant my mission was divided in a few parts.

– Entertaining and catching up with family.
– Clearing up my room and basement.
– Looking for work opportunities with the help of friends.
– Developing new life plans

But here are some huge highlights:

Being on a flight from Perth to London
Making morning pancakes and coffee using teamwork
Getting new boots and organising an entire wardrobe set.
Planning long overdue catch ups with my friends across Switzerland
Noticing step grandpa was delighted to see me and I could make grandma on my mums side happier

Driving on the right side locally in an Audi and Infinity 4WD.
Clubbing properly for the first time in two years
Got the coolest, comfiest dancing shoes
Going on the most anticipated trip to Andalucía, South Spain
Discussing a ski trip before entertaining people for Christmas
Catching up properly with grandma after a few years of long distance

Moral of the story is this:

Appreciate what took to get you somewhere.
Be kind to your body
Accept the circle of life (lol)
Re-prioritize things when needed

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