Do You Even Talent, Bro? #craft #magic #passion #justalistofpeopleienjoy

Talent and people in their creations.
Like the great Ricky Martin has said, creating things is intense. He goes into that studio to record and album and then goes to the beach to shake that bon bon.
But it’s fascinating how talented some people are in their creations.

I’ve had business owners, travellers and carpenters tell me how they got immersed in MY words. Traditionally some might not like reading or following blogs – and I cast a spell over them.
That’s a gift in my eyes. Also, I feel blessed that my work brings… what it’s supposed to bring.
Joy, purpose, lessons and entertainment. Those OHMEGAWD moments – like a close gf once said.

Similarly, I follow some very talented people. The great Johara, who makes modern bellydancing accessible and makes modern DJ songs The S*IT – with a smile and loads of character.

Then there’s the wonderful Elisabeth Rioux who got pregnant with her baby daddy, surrounded by dogs and her successful bikini company which does a lot more than just design bikinis.

And then men like Traver Boehm or Derrick Jaxn who spew raw content and improve anyone’s lives – particularly on male agendas. Very much needed, tone of voice on point, Traver has great posts, programs and guess what? Does the best comic expressions. Derrick has loads of ‘how to’s or ‘how to not’ in his videos. A very handsome African American who learned from his pain and basically capitalized off it. I am glad he listened to his female fanbase.

Talent isn’t just brains – it’s execution. You follow your dreams you impact on others. I mean I’ve just started setting things up and already run to learn so much and refer to people. It is a huge challenge altogether but the other side is looking glorious.

Then one lady exists that I mentioned to a relative, comes pretty close to Elvis Presley’s rendition of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.’ The version was put in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and took everyone’s hearts. I would like to reason it’s because the lady who sang it, had talent for timing. Every element in her song is beautiful, fluid, emotional, melodic and most importantly, times the last verse VERY well. And one girlfriend I know has met this lady. Kina Grannis.

John Dean
I’m not usually a fan of aerial drone shots (or anything from drones) but this beach lover has a knack for shooting the most unreal blue and purple AND golden beaches – and editing them in his own style. Best yet, as a true aussie, he is cool to chat to and down to earth. And those tv series commentaries and nature stories are nice to watch, too.

The_sol_shop: Court
For some reason I picked up on like 3 cancers who do astrology things on Instagram. This is one of them. A sweet and funny lady who has an Aries fiancé (I asked for the tips) and loves snapping her french bulldog on snuggle moments – she has the best memes on astrology. There’s something relatable, sophisticated and colourful about her personality that she expresses on Instagram that caught me.

Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias

I got addicted to this Mexican comedian more than three years ago, in parallel to going out with a Mexican. I relate a lot to Latinos in many ways and this guy is pure talent with sound effects, food jokes and how he relates to ‘fat people’… and his own culture.

Jono Castano Acero
One of the few PTs who leads through pure passion (personal training) and serving people. Then there’s his sweet puppy, mockery of his gorgeous wife, his actual good looks and fantastic videos of people exercising and nature. And some travels and food. He is real. But his character really engages you and makes you want his muscle, fitness and passion for life.

Stacey Lyn Metta-Doyle

A beautiful, feminine and charming yogi who recently married another PT I know I met through a network event in my own house – organized by my former housemate. Literally all three things I just said drew my eye – plus the blond hair appealed. Her talents? Making a vegan, yogi lifestyle look appealing. She mentioned LOVING her feet that keep her stable – she makes cute stories about food only she could do – and there’s something in her vulnerability that makes you want to reach out. Her man wifed her up within a year and made sure everyone knew.


A character that is Latina, bisexual, wears bigger hoops than the Kardashians and gorgeous in bright red hair: most importantly, the realest and most watchable account for those who don’t follow fashion. Her talent? All the above. A very giving soul, makes all the average daily activities 10x more entertaining. I would actually say she is classier than Cardi B. Never was into that chick.

Phil Eagle : honestrestaurantmanager

If you have a good sense of humour, you’ll want to check out this dude’s personal profile. I lost it when I read it. I don’t remember how I found this guy but when I did, I couldn’t get enough of the content. Something between benefits of indifference and being a gloriousempath, this guy writes an experienced and hilarious account of dodging the worst in a full blown hospitality career. And his stories legit have me screen shooting and sharing stories with housemates, women needing a break up boost, and other life stuff. His talent is the presentation of these stories – from Q&As, to tweets and short conversations. And then that time when he presented a ton of cameras snapping kitchens… and a ton of amazing food (burgers and sushi and dessert got in). His followers love him. I am one of them. You get real life, practical yet sweet life tips AND if you’re lucky enough, you get to know him – an actual person with a family. Instead of the average joe with the average career type of character.

Sara Buckley : nottheworstmom, nottheworstmarriage, nottheworstdressed

Another character you want to follow for straight up hilarious no BS approach to life as awesome mum, housewife, makeup artist (low key) and comedian. She’s Latina married to a white dude and they present all the challenges they had to go through – and their own unique story – in a very sweet, blunt and yet cool way. Their tweets are priceless. And their stories are fantastic. This chick had 3 kids before she was 20 and she has a lot of advice, as does the husband therefore they have their nottheworstmarriage podcast which is great. Their talent is in how they deliver content about their life, and not complain but put it into cute, funny tones. She has amazing features – plus boobs which she fully uses – and the husband says stuff like “I’m glad I knocked you up”.

There as so many more people I love following but the list might get more obnoxious… plus I’m going to post one other anyway. I hope you found this useful! Please comment or DM if you did 😊

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