Prayers and Answers: Relationships of the Heart #trust #love #happyvalentines

I get the feeling that we all walk in a confused daze, puzzled and feeling negative – trying to figure out our world and what’s going on.
And I mean this in general.

Which leads me to write this piece. The intention is to show that all things are possible… and the negative/confusing just leads you to distraction town. And disbelief, doubt town.

I think my followers and readers know by now that I’m a big believer in spirituality, rituals and energy.
As such, I have this tidbit :

Spirituality exists to guide in life, not confuse.
Spirituality leads you to the divine truth, not lies.
Through incredible sacrifice, you gain so much more.
Love brings unity, harmony, understanding, acceptance and much more.

So you won’t like this is if you walk in denial or can’t accept yourself and argue with people who give you feedback.

Thanks to the heartfelt conversations I have with the spiritual world in the shower, it dawned on me how I constantly get answers in various forms. Sometimes I get a vague vibe for the future, other times I go on a “random link” and excitedly open up the answer to some question I’ve had.

Like for instance, reading Marriage Under Threat as my grandpa passed away and using this deep tragic time to uncover various truths and realize I may have met The One. You can read the blog here.

Then another time while I visited my family in Switzerland It took me a couple weeks but I suddenly felt an incredible sadness. It was a sadness to do with the fact that grandpa passed away, was no longer physically here, now the ‘healthy’ side of the family had to pick up the pieces and move on. And there was heaps of tragedy behind it… not to mention being mums support, as she was his favourite and most relatable kid.

I used beauty therapy, changed my makeup twice, I researched how to grieve – anything to keep me ‘happy.’ And by midday I was crying into my soup. By late night, I was crying in my shower talking to grandpa “as if” he was right there with me. – a tactic of grieving, which I decided would work for me.

Happily I was on my own and could say everything that weighed me down, especially in my bedroom. There I really let it out. But as I got to bed, I couldn’t sleep. My heart and soul were exceptionally heavy. So I dreamily opened my eyes… and very gradually, over a few minutes, just ten minutes past midnight, I felt every heaviness lift. Completely.

I felt like celebrating, I felt so light.
And I knew 1000% that this was the work of the spiritual world. I got out of bed, went downstairs and told mum with tears what had happened.
I said, sitting down with mum cradling me, ‘He’s here. He’s alive. He is here.’
Mum struggled with the whole point of spirituality since her dad had passed away – just as they started hanging out and bonding – so I just told her the facts.
‘God can’t communicate with us directly, he’s too far up,’ mum tells me, ‘so it must have been an angel come down to calm you down.’
‘Either way, grandpa is there. He heard me. He knows. Because he helped, whatever his powers are,’ I say, completely convinced. ‘Everything will be OK,’ I tell mum, meaningfully. Because that’s the vibe that I got. It’s no longer a funeral… we need to party. Life is a celebration. That’s what I picked up on, what my soul knew.

That’s another story that I promise had everything to do with my communication to the divine world.

The latest one I guess, would be one that I was grateful for – as I had sat down and told grandpa that a guy who had been chasing me for a while, that I liked, I needed to know what was the story there.

Deadline, intention, something to take me out of my analysis for a short while.

And suddenly I’m looking at this guys picture on my Facebook chat (offline) and got this gentle surge of vibe… that felt like finality. Like a conclusion, a judgement, a decision would be made in the next year. And it somehow made perfect sense, which is why I trusted the vibe. It was soft, too. Not scary, but a gentle fact. Somehow delivered exactly how I needed it.

Of course no girl or guy is ever satisfied by the little clues when it comes to the mystery behind the heart… but I was in awe of this information. Not shocked, just in awe that something so important could be sent to me in a way only I could understand.

It was energy communicated by the divine in very subtle ways.

My point is, if you truly believe in yourself and the power of prayer, you can find answers if you keep your mind open. And professionals have noted, how much we open ourselves up to guidance when we pray.

I found out about grandpa. I have chats with him when I feel very down.
I found out about my love life. I have confessed to myself that I can’t do life alone… not if I want to live it fully.
I found out a lot of truths, tragedies and facts the last year which were amazing in terms of understanding who truly needed help in the family.
And I found out I had evolved far quicker than I gave myself credit for. And I’m far braver than I give myself credit for. I’ve been told I’m very smart and very courageous and that seems to speak for itself.

If this opens you up to exploration, I will be thankful and happy for you.
If this opens you to thinking about talking with a spiritual leader, go for it.
If this opens up a very rusty relationship with someone … then that’s amazing.

That’s my one hour of writing as a tired girl in the middle of her favourite café in a big town… that couldn’t be more productive.

Thank you for reading.

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