Keeping Up With The Modern Joneses: Millennials And Life Milestone Posts #socialmedia #panicattack

OK so I know we all deal with a lot of stress these days and a bunch of mental illnesses – a crazy political world and social media which got commercial enough to deplete our trust and leave us vulnerable in public. And don’t get me started on the polarity of opinions online.

It kind of doesn’t surprise me that we either stick to small chat with our friends or go into full blown life conversations with a slight mention of happy anniversary! Or happy birthday!

I speak from my truth.

So it shouldn’t surprise me that with my confident post on how I contribute to the squashed Australian economy as of the bushfire crisis. Including the part where I know where I’d like to get married (shocker: not in Europe!)

Cue a couple of girlfriends asking me if I got married. With some panic vibes. One taken, one divorced. One recently got her boyfriend’s apartment key. All workaholics like me.

It really shouldn’t surprise me. But it does.

Say what you want, we are intensely social creatures. But we can also be intensely awkward social creatures. There’s a lot we don’t and can’t say for instance about our wider community; a lot we don’t feel in control of, a lot of expectations we must meet to be seen as stable, responsible adults.

Almost like, too many expectations. Because let’s face it, there’s a lot of discontent adults walking around us. I would freaking know.

And because we depend so much on social media, the minute we get huge news – and we get lots of it! House, babies, engagements, promotions and travels – we are bombarded with ideas of where we should be. I guess that’s where all this anxiety comes from?

We see only the tip of the news but it’s enough to give us panic.
And something about that low key annoys me.

It’s keeping up with the joneses. It’s trying to keep up with a story you don’t actually know. Media is now just highlights. Rings, travels, kissy moomoos, toddler pics, houses and parties.

A good example: a girlfriend in the country posts her kids pics all the time to make herself happy. I don’t know how she manages with 4 kids and a fun husband.

Another one: a recently married Frenchie shows his fun lifestyle with his Japanese lady, who last I heard were living with their in-laws. Something about beer, tomato juice and constructions.

Just to put it out there, I know I have a huge responsibility to include all curious and celebratory souls in my wedding. But I also want to live for me for a while. And I am happy for everyone who meets a partner in life. Even happier for those who know how to respectfully, humanly post and not blatantly show off their “achievement”.

At the same time, in this era of anxiety and panic, do I stop expressing my interests and needs? As you can see, that’s a resounding no. The last thing I want is resentment, anger, bitterness and regret. And the most horrible one? Sounding like a self-righteous smartass middle aged prick.

So yeah, I’ll go post about my life. And if anyone can’t keep up, that’s on them.
You check up on each other, yo.

Thoughts? Want to talk? Hit my DMs on @anna_likhoa 


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