Ultimate Badass Playlist #unapologetic #gogetter #badass

There’s nothing quite like printing out a bunch of ‘bad girl’ pics in black and white and putting them together in your room… to make you feel awesome.
With those pictures come a playlist that just hits the soul so right.

My badass playlist: stuff that will help you overcome all externalities and internalities when you MIGHT be going against status quo, but getting what you want.

Badass behaviour according to urban dictionary –
Doing what others perceive as an impossible stunt; in itself, a definition of badass.
overcoming great odds.

Badassery is all about overcoming great odds to bring favour to your side, essentially getting what you want no matter what.
It’s coming against status quo. And it is possible. You just need to hyper focus on what it is you want and you get it.
Like in my post about bosses and the inflated meaning media gives to material items, you don’t have to do stuntwork in a Jason Bourne film or play Jason Statham in fast and furious.

The Playlist:

Me and my girls: selena Gomez
MIA – bad girls
Lady gaga – pokerface

Kylie Minogue – red blooded woman
Camilla cabello ft daddy yankee – Havana remix
Fergie – London bridge

Mau y Ricky, Karol G – mi mala remix
rogue traders – watching you
Ricky martin – cantalo

cris cab – Englishman in new York
Ann-Margret – 13 men
la musica – fly project
Shakira – loca

zara Larsson – ain’t my fault
Iggy azalea and alice chater – lola
iggy azalea ft T.I. – change your life

Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin – I like It
sofia reyes – 1,2,3
daddy yankee – rompe

wiz khalifa &iggy azalea – go hard or go home
helly luv – risk it all
becky G – mayores
Maluma, Becky G, Anitta – mala mia

Maluma – Mala Mia
celia cruz – La Negrita tiene tumbao
Diddy ft christina Aguilera – tell me

Eurythmics – sweet dreams
Britney spears – gimme more
Destinys Child – Lose My Breath

Choquib town – uh lala
taio cruz – rockguitar
Ariana grande – into you
Ariana grande – dangerous woman

Bassnectar – speakerbox
Pinto wahin – La Habana
Britney spears – do somethin’

Iggy azalea – started
natalia kills – problem

Natalia kills – wonderland
destinys child – survivor
beyonce – run the world
lady gaga – telephone ft beyonce

Enjoy my selection 😀

Dreamgirl, problem, heartbreaker:

  • What happens when you don’t do as a guy says.
  • What happens when suddenly you’re the bad guy because something about the admirer doesn’t fit… suit… entertain… or just get your attention
  • What happens when you don’t compromise
  • When you go against older generations status quo because you’re supposed to have been ‘plucked’ out of the singles pool
  • When you have absolutely no problem being you AND don’t react to judgment : badass

When society feels threatened by a beautiful, high powered and high purpose driven woman because…. She cant be controlled and doesn’t fit the traditional womens role.

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