Midnight Sausage Sizzle #hyperventilating #bestsausagejoke #thankshinge #dating

Circa February 2019

So once upon a time after a few dates with a guy I really liked (thanks, Hinge) we were having a chat in the kitchen – texting each other. And picture texting (MMS).
And I mentioned wanting a sausage by midnight… cuz a girl gets hungry. I went over to get a saucepan and start sizzling that stuff.

My date replies that he’s doing the same. And mentions that he noticed a lot of women want sausages late at night. This brings on loads of giggles from me. I make a picture of my sausages while he fries his own.

Except I was dreading the sexual sausage picture and hoped it wouldn’t be. Because then the attraction would die, I wouldn’t feel safe and … well… who wants dick pics.

But he MMSed his own 4 sausages sizzling (phew) … innocence restored.
I was dying of laughter on my kitchen floor, frantically texting him replies. It was one of the funniest, most positive and assertive chats I’ve had.

And I had a very satisfying sausage.
And every time I bring up this joke people automatically think he was sending a dick pic.
Thank god I respect, attract and adore gentlemen.

No regrets, it was a great night. Thank you, Matt of the determined grey eyes.

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