Hi there !

Hello! I’m Anna.

I’m happiest when I am creating – writing, making pictures, putting things together. Talking to people – getting an awesome DJ list. Networking and writing look like my biggest strengths.

Why did I put up this blog then?
I evolved! I was writing diary things before and as I read it out to a few select friends and got great feedback, I decided to go public. It felt right. What I want to know is, how do YOU find this useful?

I did a social experiment just before graduating university and although it failed, it didn’t stop me asking all the BIG questions, researching and talking to friends.

We’re all confused. Scared. Frustrated.

No one listens to us! But we have lives – jobs – friends – everyone is all over the place. We are smart, analytical people that sometimes want to see our lives ARE normal and make sense.

Did you find clarity? A deeper meaning? Do you talk to your friends about my themes? How do you like my approach?
If you said yes and dayum girl – then let’s be friends!

DM me about your struggles and confusion on anna_likhoa
Thanks for being here, I look forward to seeing your face.